Prepare the documents beforehand with innovative board portal software

The use of special software in companies’ work gives an advantage compared to similar companies working in the same field. With their help it is possible not only to optimize work processes, but also to reduce capital expenditures on platform maintenance. But the main advantage of the software is document workflow optimization at all corporate levels. Many representatives of the business world, from beginners to large corporations with world fame, have already made sure of that. In this article you will learn how to correctly use the software for organizing the corporate document flow, how to prepare documents and how to use them with the help of the board portal tools.

How can the Board portal be useful in the process of organizing a company’s document flow?

Waiver of the usual methods of work organization within a company helps to achieve the following objectives:

  • Optimize the work process;
  • Reduce the time and financial cost of maintaining corporate software;
  • Achieve higher productivity at all levels.

Board meetings are not the least important part of organizing an effective workflow. Just how thoughtful their organization and conduction is, depends on the quality of the decision on this or that question. That is why it is worth knowing more about how to use the Board portal tools for organizing board meetings.

How do you use the Board portal to organize effective document flow?

When holding business meetings or board meetings, you cannot do without working documents. Preparing them in the traditional way can be difficult: you are likely to forget something, fail to add it to the list on time, or simply do not make the necessary number of copies for each person at the meeting. With Board portal these mistakes can be avoided – it is enough to use different virtual boards, attach the necessary documents and provide access to all meeting participants.

In order not to forget anything during the meeting, it is better to use our tips for preparing documents:

  1. Make a list of questions and documents that will be needed to address them in advance. This way, you can avoid unnecessary turmoil during the meeting.
  2. Group the documents into different categories. For example, you can keep all documents in different folders depending on their name, purpose, addressee, and so on, to make it easier to find them.
  3. Keep the document in a convenient format. This way you can avoid the unfortunate mistake of having a document not open during a meeting.
  4. Provide access to documents and equal rights to use them. To make the discussion of documents as efficient as possible, it is better to give all participants the same rights to edit documents.
  5. Adhere to your document retention system even after the meeting. That way, you can always find the information you need, regardless of future use or time.

Proper preparation of documents for use by the board will help reduce the time spent on searching and examining documents, making corrections and discussing all drafts. Using Board portal tools, you can achieve this in just a few clicks – just log in to your account, select the necessary folder and attach the document to the virtual board. Try it and see for yourself!