Kaspersky and Avast 2020 Comparison Review

Today, in 2020, someone might think that classical antivirus programs have to fade in the past along with DOS, Windows 2000 or XP. Like, users don’t really need antivirus protection.

Still, that’s not quite correct. Latest tendencies demonstrate that in our times, classical viruses lost their spreading in a favor of advertising malware, hidden mining viruses, spyware, etc.

Meaning that, it is clear that the issue of PC antivirus protection “shifted” but has never been sold and closed. In this article, we directly compare two popular antivirus solutions. This Kaspersky and Avast comparison review is called to show you really the best option for home usage in both free and paid versions. 


Avast is definitely among the top antivirus solutions, even if you compare its free version with premium subscription propositions from some other companies. The application provides solid, reliable protection from standard viruses and Trojans in real time without free usage time restrictions.

This utility also gives the user the high checking speed and has a set of unique functions including the AutoSandbox to isolate unknown apps and Intelligent Scanner to significantly increase alert detection.

The function of remote support from one PC to another is also attractive. When necessary, the Avast user can check not only their own PC but anyone else’s machine through the Internet without the need to install additional apps.

To function properly, the app will take at least 2 GB of disk space, but any budget PC will be capable of running it smoothly. 

Main Avast Advantages:

  • High protection level from different viruses (worms, Trojans, spyware agents, etc.), equal to some cheap paid solutions.
  • Email and private messages protection.
  • Low PC hardware requirements. The utility works quickly enough on both new and outdated desktop and laptop computers.
  • The browser version availability. It’s also freeware and able to protect your PC during Internet surfing activities effectively.
  • A quiet (gaming) mode, disabling notifications to prevent the user from work distraction and other activities, yet still to protect the system effectively.

Avast Disadvantages

  • The app is only for home PCs.
  • From time to time, users will have to reregister their accounts.
  • Sometimes, the app switches some functions off on its own, so you’ll need to turn them on manually.

The premium version of Avast provides users with multiple additional functions including the VPN, parental control, additional privacy protection, etc.

Avast is the choice of over 400 million people all over the planet.


The “Kaspersky Lab” has been remaining popular enough among Russian and CIS users since the very beginning of the company’s functioning. And it got significant recognition around the world later as well.

The advantages of this antivirus utility brought it authority and reputation of a “heavy” app (meaning it was resource-taking for computers) but effective solution to protect any system from malware codes.

The list of Antivirus Kaspersky Free functions includes virus and spyware scanning, registry control, and social media protection.

Kaspersky app also offers the PC optimization option, though it is far from being as effective as specially designed apps could be.

Kaspersky Advantages:

  • The same antivirus base working for both freeware and premium versions.
  • Comfortable and laconic interface.
  • Email and messenger protection.

Kaspersky Disadvantages:

  • The protection is not always complete when you use the free version: usual viruses are the app’s priority, and it sometimes ignores really dangerous things.
  • Lack of possibility to use it on old PCs with Windows XP and less than 1 GB of RAM.

The premium version offers a lot more possibilities including the encrypted cloud storage for your files, parental control and password protection.

To Conclude

In case you prefer using the free antivirus, Avast looks more solid. When it comes to premium software versions, things differ. Avast is faster and lets you use it on any device, though provides slightly less reliable protection. Kaspersky loads the system more seriously but builds the unbreakable wall to protect your virtual privacy.