A General Overview of Identity Guard

Modern technologies bring us lots of advantages. We are not connected more than ever before. One can easily get in touch with another person, buy & pay for things, etc. However, one needs to keep in mind that lots of important personal data are now known to servers all across the globe. Some people with malicious goals can steal things like your passwords, money, social security number, etc.

That’s why many software developers deliver special programs that prevent identity theft. Identity Guard is just one of them. The program monitors suspicious activities at the early stages. In case you face it, you’ll get a notification. Then you’ll have time to react as well as professional help. Let’s get to know more about Identity Guard, what it offers, and how it stands out from the rest.

The Experience That Awaits You

In every Identity Guard review, you can find out that the developer utilizes IBM Watson AI. This artificial intelligence tool keeps scouring data and looking for vulnerabilities. Whenever your identity is at risk, you’ll get a notification. As you see, it’s very convenient and simple.

As a user, you won’t observe any of it and just get a pleasant experience much like from the top competitors like LifeLock, IdentityForce, etc. Mind that some alerts won’t become real threats. The system just reacts to weird activities and things out of the ordinary. However, if your identity is stolen, the company helps you get back on track with insurance payouts. In case you’ve got any questions about that, you can visit the official website or contact the support team.

After you subscribe to Identity Guard, you may adjust a Watchlist to verify the monitoring services. The company states that the more information they get access to, the better protection you’ll get. Taking into account that you pay them, it’s fairly reasonable that you use all the boxes you can.

Things to Know About Customer Support

The company takes great pride in delivering excellent-quality customer support and having a very good reputation. The experienced workers are sure to assist you with any issues. However, they are located in the US and are accessible only at certain hours. For instance, on Saturdays, they close at 6 pm and Sundays are off. The lack of 24/7 support is a big disadvantage.

6 plans you can choose from

In general, the company offers 3 main plans. However, each of them is designed for one user only. In case you wish to protect your family identities, you’ll have to get the family plan. So, you can see 6 plans. They are:

  1. Value (about $9 monthly) delivers identity monitoring, risk management score, and $1 million in identity theft insurance.
  2. Total (costs almost $20 monthly) offers the same features plus credit monitoring and monthly credit score.
  3. Premier (the most luxurious with a price tag of $25/month) features all the above and includes a credit report, social media insights, and bank account monitoring.
  4. Value Family ($15 monthly) delivers the same features as a Value plan but for families (plus children).
  5. Total Family ($30 monthly) has the same features as a Total plan for families (plus children).
  6. Premier Family ($35/month) offers all the services from the Premier plan for families (plus children).

The Verdict

Identity Guard is a decent program. Yet, it isn’t perfect. It offers good value, especially if you get plans for the whole family. The IMB Watson-based services are often reviewed in the positive light, so it’s definitely worth checking out. All in all, it’s budget-friendly protection for users who seek security for their identity information.