NordVPN Chrome Extension: Top Effective and Useful Features

While you are online, your web browser continually sends information collected about you to every website that you visit. It transmits your IP address, information about the operating system, your device, and even about other devices connected to your network. If even a website you trust can get this data without your knowledge, just imagine that it could detect a malicious site! Thus, you need to have NordVPN Chrome extension installed.

Using an insecure web browser, you put your confidential information (such as passwords and security codes) in jeopardy.

The useful Virtual Private Network extension will encrypt the traffic of your web browser so that attackers will not be able to use your personal data to hack your accounts.

In addition to protecting your connection, a browser-based Virtual Private Network extension will mask your IP address, which allows you to view geo-blocked content and bypass censorship from anywhere in the world.

Your online security depends on whether you choose the best extension available. Medium-quality Virtual Private Network extensions cannot guarantee that your device will not remain vulnerable. Moreover, they can even sell your data to third parties.

To ensure the proper level of security, you need to make sure that the service you choose does not store the logs of your search history. You also need unlimited bandwidth, a high-speed connection, and if you plan to view geo-blocked content on streaming services, then you also need assistance that can bypass the latest anti-Virtual Private Network technologies.

Why Should I Choose This Extension?

Enjoy Freedom Online

Use secure access to entertainment sites and social networking platforms. The platform gives you the speed of streaming or downloading anytime, anywhere.

One-Click Privacy

It takes only a couple of seconds to protect your IP address from third-party listening. Just click “Auto Connect” and enjoy a private viewing of pages.

Strong Encryption

The extension provides reliable:

Encryption of browser traffic, so no one can decrypt your data when browsing the Internet;

Malware blocking;

Real-time protection protects you from malware and other cyber threats.

IP Security Anytime

With the ultra-fast proxy extension, you can reliably encrypt all your Internet traffic, as well as hide the IP address and work on the network as anonymously. Cyber’s advanced mode of operation protects your device from ads, cyber-attacks and malware.

This extension will require a minimum of computer resources to work; all you need to do is just log in to your account, connect to the best server and leave the extension running in the background. If you want additional protection, the platform will allow you to disable browser tracking functions, this option is enabled by default in most browsers, and it is because of this that most DNS leaks occur.

To access the extension, you will need a subscription to the platform. However, the service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. And if you encounter any problems during work, the support service is always ready to come to your aid.