Pet technology gadgets


This is a simple but effective fitness monitor that attaches to any collar. Pitpat uses a three-axis accelerometer, with which it measures how much your pet went, ran, played and rested. Enter the breed name, weight, and age of your dog, and the device will calculate the optimal number of walks that he will have to take. This device supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology, through which you can send all the data received during the week – just click on the desired button.


Petcube is more than just a webcam. This is social media for animal lovers. This is a special, rotating at 162 degrees, controlled by an application camera that can shoot as 720p and broadcast video to the Internet. Thanks to a two-way microphone, you can hear your four-legged friend and talk/calm down / rein in his hand through the built-in speaker. In addition, a laser pointer is built into this device to help you and your pet have fun during the lunch break.


Tractive is an important device for those whose pets are passionate about traveling. It is a 35-gram GPS-tracker built into the collar, which is able to monitor the condition of a cat or dog in real time and display an alert on a smartphone if your pet goes beyond the boundaries set. Due to the dimensions of 41x51x15 mm, it is best suited for large animals (weighing over 4.5 kg). In addition to tracking your location, Tractive also lets you know if your pet?s neighbors are feeding on leftovers.

Petzi treat cam

This device combines an application-controlled camera with an excellent dispenser and helps to remove the blame from you for leaving your pets at home alone. Using the various controls in the app, you can watch them play, talk to them through the built-in speaker, or use a dispenser to give out goodies.

Frolicat Bolt

Does your cat have too much energy? Bolt will constantly entertain her. Turn it on, and an interactive laser gadget powered by an AA battery will project a randomly moving red dot onto any surface.

GoPro Fetch

Shoot the world in terms of your dog with an adjustable mount for GoPro (compatible with all GoPro cameras), which is suitable for dogs weighing from 7 kg to giants weighing up to 54kg. It has a lining for more comfortable wearing and is designed with the expectation of mounting two cameras. You can attach your camera on the dog’s chest, or above her head.

Wireless dog fence

The wireless dog fence consists of the main transmitter and a small receiver placed on your pet’s collar. The transmitter is powered by connecting to a 220V network. At the same time, the transmitter can be placed in absolutely any place, since neither the walls nor any other obstacles will create interference to its connection to the receiver. The receiver/receiver is powered by a built-in battery, a single charge of which, due to automatic activation/shutdown, is enough for long service life.